26/4A, Boundary Road South, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka


Our History

Establishment and Registration
  • YMCA Batticaloa was established in July 1971.
  • The organization was registered with the Ministry of Social Services in Sri Lanka.
  • Moreover it was registered with the Registration of Voluntary Social Services/Non-Governmental Organization under the Voluntary Social Services Organizations (Registration & Supervision) Act.
Early Programs and Growth
  • YMCA Batticaloa expanded its programs with a focus on Christian principles.
  • The organization created Professional and volunteer leaders who played key roles in program development.
  • Social service activities were actively engaged in, promoting peace, good citizenship, and justice within the society.
Community Leadership and Advocacy
  • The organization provides guidance and leadership to children, women, and youth.
  • Advocacy for the rights of marginalized communities is a central focus.
  • Efforts to establish gender balance and enhance women's rights in the community continues.
Disaster Management and Environmental Conservation
  • YMCA Batticaloa becomes actively involved in disaster management advocacy, capacity building, and social mobilization.
  • Environmental conservation activities, such as coastal resource management, are initiated.
  • Child care, protection, and development organizations are established in the community.
Continued Commitment
  • YMCA Batticaloa has shown emphasis on sustained commitment to the organization's mission.
  • The organization is being actively involved in various social service activities to address evolving community needs.
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