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YMCA Youth

What and How YMCA Batticaloa Manages the Youth club

Our empowerment meets leadership. Engage in dynamic programs fostering personal growth, promoting healthy living, and inspiring community involvement. Join a vibrant community dedicated to shaping tomorrow’s leaders and creating a positive environment for social development. YMCA Batticaloa Youth – Igniting potential, building futures.

YMCA Youth

What's the use of joining YMCA youth club?

Joining the YMCA Youth Club in Batticaloa opens doors to a transformative journey where you empower lives, forge meaningful connections, and make lifelong friends. Engage with a diverse community of enthusiastic youngsters, unlocking the potential for personal and collective growth. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to establish valuable connections, both locally and internationally, and participate in a myriad of programs, proudly representing YMCA Batticaloa on national and global stages. Embrace the YMCA experience, where each moment becomes a step toward a brighter, more connected future.

Join hands with volunteers and make the world a better place

Our Membership plans

Diverse membership plans to suite different youths

YMCA Batticaloa doesnt limit the ability to join. Our membership plans are designed considering different youth's affordability, capability and etc. So no matter where you come from, feel free to join the journey of empowerments. We need you for a change!

Annual Membership

The annual membership is designed for youths who are interested in ....

Life Membership

As a life member you commit to activiely participate and volunteer in several programs.

How to apply?

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