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Some of our Recent Projects

These are some of our most recent projects that we’ve worked with. Notably, our commitment extends beyond local boundaries, as evidenced by their participation in the National event program organized by SLCDF, where their youth participants secured top honors in various categories.

  • Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Awareness:

  • Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID)

  • Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DIDRR)

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What have we achieved via our projects?

Empower, Illuminate, Transform: YMCA Batticaloa – Catalyst for Community Evolution.

YMCA Batticaloa's Operational Impact

Overview of Operational Unit at YMCA Batticaloa

YMCA Batticaloa's Operational Unit actively addresses gender-based violence, winning accolades in national events. Engaging in inclusive development, they empower communities through initiatives like Palmyrah product techniques. In Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction, practical solutions showcase their holistic approach. A dynamic force for positive change, YMCA Batticaloa's Operational Unit drives impactful community initiatives.

Community Empowerment

The Operational Unit conducts impactful campaigns such as street dramas and film competitions, actively addressing gender-based violence and promoting awareness.

Holistic Development and Sustainability Practices

YMCA Batticaloa's Operational Unit engages in inclusive development, offering strategic meetings and training programs on sustainable practices like Palmyrah product techniques.

.Micro credit project

Economically empowering women for poverty alleviation

The YMCA women empowerment Program is a transformative initiative designed to economically empower women and address poverty alleviation. Recognizing the pivotal role that women play in community development, this program aims to provide them with financial tools and resources to break the cycle of poverty. Some of the recent highlights are mentioned below:


More of Operations' Projects

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