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HR and Admin

How do we manage things inYMCA Batticaloa

The HR and Administration departments of YMCA Batticaloa play pivotal roles in ensuring the effective functioning of the organization. The Human Resources team is dedicated to recruiting, developing, and retaining a talented workforce, fostering a positive work environment, and addressing employee-related matters. This involves overseeing recruitment processes, managing employee relations, implementing training programs, and administering compensation and benefits. On the other hand, the Administration department focuses on the smooth operation of facilities and services. This includes tasks such as facility management, coordination of resources, and ensuring compliance with organizational policies.

HR and Admin

How do we manage things inYMCA Batticaloa

Each andevery staff member undergoes yearly evaluation to ensure whether they are mentally and physically fit. All our staffs receive equal respect and we are the main enemy for any sort of discrimination. 

Respecting values and ethics has been one of our greatest character. 

Upholding Integrity and Inclusion

Respecting Values and Ethics at YMCA Batticaloa:

At YMCA Batticaloa, we uphold a strong commitment to values and ethics, fostering an environment of integrity and respect. Our dedication to these principles is reflected in two key points:

Integrity in Action

We prioritize honesty and transparency in all our dealings, maintaining the highest ethical standards in our programs and interactions within the community.

Inclusive and Diverse Culture

Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we celebrate different perspectives, ensuring that our actions and decisions respect the values and identities of all individuals involved in our mission.

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