26/4A, Boundary Road South, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

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Major achievement

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Deaf National Anthem

YMCA Batticaloa was the first instituiton to introduce the Sri Lankan national anthem in sign language.


We have a ranked deaf Scout units for the first time in Sri Lanka.

100+ Projects

Our Scouts program has completed beyond 100 with the Visual impaired scout unit

Special Recognitions

Our Deaf scout unit was specially recognized by government bodies.
Christian embassies

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Welcome to YMCA Batticaloa’s Scouting Program, a unique initiative tailored for deaf children. In this inclusive and empowering environment, we believe in the transformative power of scouting, fostering leadership, teamwork, and personal growth. Our program ensures that deaf children not only experience the joys of scouting but also develop essential life skills, building a foundation for a future filled with confidence and camaraderie.

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