26/4A, Boundary Road South, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Lets Learn more about our Vaalvosai School

Vaalvosai School

Empowering Deaf Minds at YMCA Batticaloa

Step into the world of Vaalvosai School, an integral part of YMCA Batticaloa, dedicated to empowering deaf children. With a commitment to inclusive education, we provide a nurturing environment where each child’s unique potential is fostered, ensuring a brighter future through education and support.

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"Supporting YMCA Vaalvosai School

A Call to Make a Difference

A dime can save the day of a kid. We'd appreciate if you can find a way to contribute to the growth and well-being of YMCA Vaalvosai School, dedicated to the education and empowerment of deaf children.


You can supports us with whatever sort you have. Every dime you give us goes to the wellbeing of a deaf kid.


If you think you have relevant skills please share them with out kids.

Any Projects

Contact us and lets work together