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No to Gender Violence

In collaboration with the Srilanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF), the YMCA spearheads the “NO TO GENDER VIOLENCE IN SRILANKA” initiative from March 2022 to December 2023. Operating in Eravur Pattu (Chenkalady) and Manmunai South Eruvil Pattu (Kaluvanchikudy), our primary objective is to significantly reduce violence against girls and women.

The project comprises two vital components under the YMCA umbrella: the YMCA Youth Project and YMCA Other Project. By strategically focusing on these areas, we aim to empower and protect the main beneficiaries—women and youths—ultimately creating safer communities. This collaborative effort represents our commitment to combat gender-based violence and foster positive change in Srilanka

Clean water helps keep kids in school, especially girls.

Less time collecting water means more time in class. Clean water and proper toilets at school means teenage girls don’t have to stay home for a week out of every month.

Behind every man alive and kicking, there is a woman. Behind every woman abused and killed, there is a man.
said Abhijit Naskar

How do we tackle this problem?

Addressing Gender-Based Violence: A Comprehensive Approach

Tackling the pervasive issue of gender-based violence requires a multifaceted strategy encompassing awareness, education, and community engagement. The “NO TO GENDER VIOLENCE IN SRILANKA” project, funded by the Srilanka Centre for Development Facilitation (SLCDF) and led by the YMCA, adopts a holistic approach.

1. Education and Awareness:
Implementing targeted awareness campaigns to educate communities on the various forms of gender-based violence, its impact, and avenues for support. Empowering individuals with knowledge is fundamental to fostering a culture of respect and understanding.

2. Community Engagement:
Building a network of support within the community by collaborating with local leaders, organizations, and influencers. Establishing open dialogues and safe spaces encourages survivors to come forward, breaks the stigma associated with reporting, and promotes a collective responsibility for prevention.

3. Youth Empowerment:
Through the YMCA Youth Project, engaging and empowering the younger generation with education on consent, healthy relationships, and gender equality. Investing in youth as advocates for change ensures a sustainable impact and the cultivation of attitudes that reject violence.

4. Comprehensive Support Services:
Offering accessible and confidential support services for survivors, including counseling, legal assistance, and medical care. Creating a support system that addresses both immediate needs and long-term recovery is crucial in breaking the cycle of violence.

5. Advocacy for Policy Change:
Working alongside stakeholders to advocate for policy reforms that strengthen legal frameworks against gender-based violence. Collaborating with local authorities and institutions ensures a systemic response to eradicate violence and protect the rights of women and youths.

The collective efforts under the “NO TO GENDER VIOLENCE IN SRILANKA” project aim to create a community where every individual feels safe, respected, and empowered, fostering a future free from the shackles of gender-based violence.

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