26/4A, Boundary Road South, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Plastic Alternative training

S #          Type of Direct Beneficiaries  MALE FEMALE
OPD Members  20 81
Women Headed Households  113
Person with Disabilities  22 136
Person without Disabilities ( Adults) 82 303
Person without Disabilities ( Children ) 10 12
School Students  108 155
Local Authorities  1 14
Government Staff  67 61
NGO / Other Stakeholders 08 08 04
Resource person / Facilitator  16 13

Qualitative Narrative

The YMCA invited key stakeholders to its Banana Fiber Training Programs inauguration to gain support from state and provincial governments for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. This event emphasized YMCA’s commitment to sustainability and its role in supporting environmental policies. Additionally, the YMCA aimed to establish crucial business connections with government departments and gained a positive reputation among government officials, paving the way for future collaborations in their mission for sustainable practices and alignment with government objectives.

We were excited by the way the course was organized. Based on the feedback from government officials here, we feel that YMC is on the right track for this initiative. And the participants are very interested. In fact, we are here to take the fiber out of the banana peel and teach basic knitting from it. That goal is the most complex of many training courses. But they have gone beyond that and mastered the production of goods. We have also taught them the methods of making certain products. In fact, this achievement is due to the passion of the participants. 

  • – Upeksha Jayathilake, Trainer, Banana Fiber Products 

In terms of tourism in Batticaloa, there is a huge opportunity and demand for eco-tourism. Organizations like the YMCA have associated themselves with various cottage industries. Therefore, if we combine many other products like banana fiber production and make it an eco tourism product, we can connect it with tourism and help to sustain SMEs.

  1. Vivekandarah, District Tourism Development Officer
  • I can see that some of these Palmyrah products are of export quality. This progress in the two-day training course is commendable. Actually, we need 2 million worth of goods. However, only 01 million worth of goods are produced in the Batticaloa district. So you will understand how much demand there is for this profession, Palmyrah Development Board is dedicated to continuously enriching you and developing your skills. We will collect your products from your doorstep. Even though the YMCA’s program is over, we will continue to travel with you. We will do everything necessary for your sustainability growth. 
  • Vijayan, CEO, Palmyrah Development Board, Batticaloa the Eravur Palmyrah Production SME sold their products in the weekly market held in  Mich Nagar, Eravur on 23.10.2023 as per the request of the Divisional Secretary of Eravur Town. LKR 1850.00 worth of business was done by SME in this weekly market which was held for about 3 hours. the Divisional Secretary of Eravur twon Mrs. Nihara attended and cheered the team by buying palmyrah products

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