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Introduction: In a celebration of innovation and empowerment, we are delighted to share the triumph of our recent Sales Promotion Event held on December 10, 2023, at “Our Lady of Presentation” Church in Thandavenveli, Batticaloa. This event, a testament to our strategic vision, aimed to be a focal point for persons with disabilities in the district, organized by YMCA – Batticaloa.

1. Vision in Action: YMCA as a Hub for Inclusivity Aligned with our strategic vision, YMCA – Batticaloa orchestrated a remarkable event, spotlighting innovative products from SME members who are persons with disabilities and women-headed families.

2. CBID Project Showcase: From Four Corners of Batticaloa Under the CBID project, four extraordinary SMEs hailing from Valaichenai, Eravur, Thalangudah, and Kaluwanchikudy converged to exhibit and sell their impressive alternatives to plastic. The event served as a powerful platform for these businesses to showcase their creativity and entrepreneurship.

  • Geographic Diversity: SMEs from different areas of Batticaloa united, showcasing the diversity and talent within the district.
  • Plastic Alternatives on Display: Innovative products offered eco-friendly alternatives, contributing to a sustainable future.

3. Overwhelming Support: A Community United The response to the event was overwhelming, with a significant number of attendees showing their support by actively engaging and purchasing the unique products presented by the SMEs.

  • Community Participation: The event became a hub of activity, highlighting the community’s enthusiasm for supporting local businesses.
  • Economic Impact: The positive response translated into tangible success, as the SMEs collectively generated approximately 29,000 LKR in business.

4. Gratitude and Cheers: A Resounding Success As the event concluded, we are thrilled to announce the impressive business outcome, a collective harvest of around 29,000 LKR. Heartfelt thanks extend to everyone who contributed to making this sales promotion a resounding success.

  • A Vibrant Community: The success reflects the vibrancy of the local community and their commitment to inclusive entrepreneurship.
  • SMEs on the Rise: The funds generated contribute significantly to the journey of success for these businesses.

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Conclusion: Let this success be a beacon, urging continued support for our local businesses, especially those championed by persons with disabilities and women-headed families. Your support is a catalyst for their journey to success, fostering a more inclusive and economically vibrant community.

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